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Arcadia High School Alumni Association
Frequently asked questions about reunions

Arcadia High School Alumni Association

Please contact us:




11:00am-5:00pm PST


AHSAA Reunion Liaison



Where can I find a resource list for local hotels?

Scroll all the way down to find the list of area hotels.

We are currently working with area hotels for

the 2012 room rates.

Updates will be posted as soon as they are available.


Can I make reservations on-line and is it secure?

Yes. Secure payment is available on-line using either your

PayPal account, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover Card.




The screen does not move past the check-out page when making reservations?

If you have pop-up blockers, you will be unable to move past the check-out page to enter the

secure Pay-Pal system, You do not need Pay Pal to make online reservations.


 My credit card information will not go through or it is declined?

Please call the number listed for Pay Pal customer service, there are many reasons why a card will not go through,

if addresses entered do not match exactly to the one associated with the card, it will not go through.

Once you have entered the payment area on PayPal, only their customer service can help you with problems with your entry. If all fails please mail a check.


When making reservations on line.  Why is there a service charge?

An amount of $3 is added to each ticket purchased to help offset the PayPal charges of about 5% to the total order.


What is the Early Bird Special?


Class of 94: See webpage for Early Bird Ticket prices

Class of 84: For a limited time only, (Reservations made before June 15) the reunion night DVD will be included free with early reservations and automatically included with your order if the date of on-line purchase or envelop postmark is within the scope of the early reservations period. If you try to purchase it on the ticket page before June 15, it will register as zero.

A separate webpage is available to purchase DVD's, if you are unable to attend.


DVD Purchase link for those unable to attend the upcoming reunions or past reunions.


When do late reservations take effect?

The ticket price will increase by $10 after 4 weeks prior to the reunion date.

All pre-paid orders must be received by 12.00 P.M. PST the Thursday prior to the reunion.


I do not want to pay a service charge when I make my reservation.  What do I do?

Make your check or money order out for the amount of your purchases to: Apache Events and mail it to

Apache Events

c/o1887 Fernridge Drive

San Dimas, CA. 91773




Please give us an email address or phone number, so we can confirm receipt of your mailed check.


How do I know you received my on-line payment?

You will receive a confirmation email.


Opps I forgot to indicate my GUESTS NAME when making reservations on-line?

When we confirm your reservation for yourself and a guest, we will ask you for your guests name, if you

did not, or were unable to indicate it in the "message to the vendor" section, either by email or phone.

We would like a nicely prepared badge for each person attending the reunion. It also helps to speed up



How do I know you received my check in the mail?

Check your bank for the check to clear, or you may call us at 909-374-4835 or request email confirmation or

return phone call. If you mail a check, expect a confirmation either by email or phone call.


Will I receive a receipt for my purchases?

Your printed credit card receipt and cancelled check will act as your receipt


Will I receive tickets in the mail?

No. Your tickets, Biography Photo  DVD, and custom name badge will be at the door.

Your name badge will act as your paid admittance to the reunion and only those guests with badges will

Be allowed to enter the reunion party.


What is the cancellation or no-show policy?

Please take care when making reservations, there are no refunds.

Tickets may be transferable up until 2 weeks before the reunion night.


Mistakes made such as using wrong accounts or purchasing the wrong amount will be refunded by check only

minus $20.00 per ticket purchased and must be requested within 24 hours.



Products will be mailed to you,
if you are a "no-show" to your reunion.

For more details, refer to the Terms of purchase agreement.


I want to register, but I’m not ready to submit my bio or photo yet? Should I wait to do it all at once?

No. Please register now.  You may email your bio and photo when you have it ready to Alumni@ArcadiaApaches.net, or mail it to Apache Events c/o 1887 Fernridge Drive, San Dimas, CA. 91773.

Be sure to include your name, maiden name and graduation year with your email.

The deadline to submit bios and photos is 4 weeks before the reunion.


If I register, does that mean I have to purchase a ticket now and make my reservation?

No. We need you to register as soon as possible, however, to confirm your contact information and RSVP. This will insure you receive mailers and reunion materials; however, early pre-paid reservations include the Reunion Night DVD for free, plus ticket prices increase by $10.00, 4 weeks before the reunion date.


Does the photo have to be a head shot? Or Family photo?

Both are fine, as there will be plenty of room on each page of the reunion biography DVD.

If possible please include you name and grad year as the title of your uploaded photo.


How long is the biography supposed to be?

Don’t be shy, there’s plenty of room. Two or three sentences are going to look lost on a page.

We will be happy to supply examples of bios from other alumni. Simply email us at Alumni@ArcadiaApaches.net.


I am not satisfied with my bio and/or photo previously submitted, may I change it?

Yes, simply email your new bio and/or photos as soon as possible to Alumni@ArcadiaApaches.net. Be sure to include your name and graduation year to any correspondence.


I will be unable to attend the reunion.  Do I still need to register?

Yes, please add your bio and photo so it can be included in the biography photo DVD. This way your fellow classmates will know what you have been up to and how great you look.


If I am unable to attend the reunion, can I purchase a reunion biography photo DVD separately?

Yes. It is included free to pre-paid class members only, with the price of the reunion ticket, however, it is available for purchase for $25 to those unable to attend or wanting an extra copy, and mailed to you after the reunion. Click here to order!


Will my personal information, bio and photo be posted on the website after I register?

No. The information is solely for the use of the Reunion Biography Photo  DVD which will be handed out at the reunion and for mailing invitations and reunion materials.


Why are there fields on the registration page asking me if I want to keep my information private?

If you do not want some or all of your contact information printed in the Reunion Biography Photo Book, please indicate so when registering. The Reunion Biography Photo DVD acts as a directory for years to come, so if you chose to keep it private, we will not print it.

If you have changed your mind and now want your information published in the directory, simply email us Alumni@ArcadiaApaches.net and we will make the corrections for you.


There is a field on the registration page asking me whether I want my invitation emailed, will I still receive a mailer?

To help save on increased postage and printing prices, we will likely greatly reduce or eliminate our second mailer if you are able to receive information via email and request we do so.


I’ve lived in the same place for ten years or more. Why have I not been informed of my reunion?

There are nearly 900 alumni from each graduating class to locate and confirm contact information.  Many have not responded to our Alumni Directory campaign the last few times.

Once you get out of the loop, you may be on our missing or unconfirmed list even though you haven’t moved in years. Please do not assume the AHSAA has your current contact information ever. Please register for the reunion if you are not sure, you can always email us at Alumni@ArcadiaApaches.net with your current contact information. You should also subscribe to our Alumni Newsletter,  which also helps us keep our alumni database current. Click Here subscription is free.


Will you sell or share our information with anyone?

Information published in the Alumni Directory is public; however, we will never sell your contact information or share it with anyone. Our alumni Newsletter has a strict spam policy. Because lists are not shared, reunion committee’s are faced with the task of locating their entire class all over again when the next reunion comes around, which is why it important to keep your contact information current with the AHSAA to be sure you do not miss out on important reunion information.


What area hotels are offering special reunion weekend rates?

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page for area hotels. Many offer Auto Club discounts as well. There is no special pricing or room blocks at this time.

We are currently working with area hotels for the best prices, please stay posted.

Santa Anita Inn and Hilton Gardens are offering the lowest prices at this time.


What does the price of the ticket include?

A detailed description is included in the “reunion services” link.


How do you determine the price of each ticket?

The largest portion of the ticket price is determined by the cost of the use of the facilities at the Santa Anita Park/Racetrack, the menu, signage, bar service, tables, chairs, linens, presentation easels, service ware, use of monitors, security, parking and all that is required for you and your guest to be on the premises. Another portion covers the disc jockey, sound equipment, professional photographer, decorations and props, event staff, biography photo DVD, and personalized photo name badges.  The remainder of the ticket covers comprehensive alumni search, data entry, postage and printing, advertisements, custom website hosting and design, handling finances and funding. Certain extra items, such as the Reunion Bio Photo DVD and personalized photo name badge are for class members only.  Even though guests, such as dates, spouses or alumni from other years pay a full price for the reunion night ticket, these items have been figured and divided amongst the entire group attending, to cover the total costs. The price varies by room used and the projected number attending.


Click here for details about reunion Services.


Suppose I do not want to eat, or I am on a special diet is there a non-dinner ticket price?

No. When you pay for a venue/menu, the price charged per person at Santa Anita, is not just for the food. You're paying for the venue, parking, security, tables, chairs, linens, service, staff, bar tenders, signage, advertising in the daily racing program, electronic signboard, utilities, TV monitors anything and everything that it takes for you to be on their property and the food just happens to be included. Santa Anita charges per guest whether you eat or not and their staff takes head-counts throughout the evening.


Is there a special ticket price for those attending, even though they did not graduate from my class?

No. Guests such as dates, spouses and alumni from other classes pay the regular price for the reunion night ticket, even though only class members receive the Reunion Bio Photo DVD.  The costs of these extra items have been pro-rated and divided amongst the anticipated number attending with the hope that they will be covered in the end. If a husband and wife alumni attend, they will both receive the reunion bio photo or DVD and personalized photo name badge.


What is the dress code? Dressy Cocktail Attire

Dressy cocktail attire, no jeans, shorts, cut-offs tank tops or flip-flops.

Typical reunion attire, and yes most the guys do wear suits/ties, ladies party dresses, but nice pants/tops works well.

The rule of thumb is, you're never over dressed.


Will there be security at the reunion?

Santa Anita security guards will be present, and for your safety, only guests wearing their photo name badges will be admitted to the reunion.


Are Walk-in tickets available?

The reunion is reservation only; however, we understand circumstances arise, such as last minute arm twisting by your friends. The number of walk-in tickets available will depend upon the room capacity and menu availability. The full late- ticket price, paid with CASH ONLY is applied regardless of what time you arrive, or whether you plan on eating or not. Santa Anita staff members keep close count and we are charged per guest in attendance throughout the evening regardless of whether you eat or not, or whether you arrive after the meal has been served. Santa Anita's policy is such that partial ticket prices are not to be offered.


If I am unable to attend my reunion after having made reservations, or I forgot to attend, are there refunds?

We are unable to refund any part of your reservation. Proceeds from the reservation will be donated to the AHSAA and all items purchased, or included such as the reunion bio DVD will be mailed to you after the reunion.


How may I share my memorabilia for the evening of the reunion?

Memorabilia displays and tables are a special part of the reunion evening, if you have memorabilia to share, the reunion committee would greatly appreciate it. For additional information, please contact someone on your reunion committee or contact us at Alumni@ArcadiaApaches.net and we will direct you to the committee chairman.


Is Parking included, and where do I park?

Yes PARKING IS INCLUDED. It’s best to enter the gates on the East side of the lot, either Gates 5, from Huntington Drive.

The reunion venue entrances are on the east side of Santa Anita Park/Racetrack at the Turf Club and Clubhouse entrance.


Day at the Races events, enter from Gate 6.





Are Alcoholic beverages included in the ticket price?

No. It is a no-host bar.


Will non-alcoholic beverages be available at the bar?

Yes. Soft-drinks are no charge.


What can we expect in the way of background and/or Dance music?

We are fortunate to have a very professional, reunion specializing DJ, who has provided us wonderful service.

He welcomes all your song requests and asks that you please email your favorites to Alumni@ArcadiaApaches.net

and it will be added to the music list.

A professional DJ is paramount to the success of the event also in part to his usage of the PA system to enhance the proper flow of the evening, i.e. welcome announcements, coordination of a group photo, opening of the buffet, etc.

He understands that you are attending your reunion to visit with your friends and catch up on many years, therefore the audible level is that of quiet background music of the era through the dinner hour with an upbeat in volume from 10:00pm to midnight. Certain requests may call for the volume to pick-up, however, he is sensitive to keeping everyone happy.

The beauty of the Turf Club is  there are many different areas to visit without music, the Turf Dining area, the Americana Room and outside overlooking the racetrack, there's something for everybody.



How many people will attend our reunion? Will a list of guests be posted?

The best way to increase attendance at the reunion is for class members to get on the phone and encourage each other to attend. This is why a large portion of our confirmation of alumni’s contact information has been done by telephone. A phone call is more of a personal touch than a postcard and greatly appreciated. A motivated committee can make a huge difference by leading the effort for your class. Because of the amount of time and effort required in putting the event together, posting and updating a guest list which changes by the day is not possible. For privacy reasons., only "lost" alumni are allowed to be posted online.


What is the Biography Photo  DVD?

A  DVD will be presented to each paid class member at the reunion. It is a compilation of all the bio's and photo's submitted to us, as well as contact information you chose to have published. If the reunion committee chooses not to put together a DVD to loop throughout the evening, the bio's and photo's may perhaps be used for that purpose.


What is the Reunion Night DVD?

A montage of photos taken at the reunion, mixed with photos from the yearbook, set to music.


How long will it take to receive the Reunion Night DVD?

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks after the reunion for delivery of your DVD.


What do I do if I have specific questions about my reunion that are not covered in the F.A.Q.?

Do not hesitate to email us with your questions, Alumni@ArcadiaApaches.net or call,

909-592-3464. Please do not contact Santa Anita directly as they prefer we field all questions regarding the venue, menu,

parking, directions, access, security, hotel information, and anything else related to the venue itself.


Resource List


Hotel Accommodations

Please Note, these are the 2011 Reunion Rates

2012 Reunion Rates to be announced


Please mention you want the AHS Reunion Rate

and AAA Discount if you have it.


The Santa Anita Inn

130 W. Huntington Drive

Arcadia, CA 91007

(626) 446-5211

Please Call for discounted Rooms and speak with Sergio if there is a question

No website hotel link is available for this discounted room rate.



$69.00 Room Rate

$89.00 Suite

($20 discounted for our reunions!)

The recently renovated Inn also has

brand new Serta Mattresses and towels.

The hotel is directly across the street from the

event entrance.



Double Tree

924 W. Huntington Drive

Monrovia, CA 91016

(626) 357-1900


$125.10 with AAA Discount



Embassy Suites Hotel

211 E. Huntington Drive

Arcadia, CA 91006

(626) 445-8525


Please note, A courtesy Room block is being set up for the following classes




A dedicated link will be available soon.


Also ask for AAA Discount or Hilton Rewards Discount

Contact ~ Naoimi Briones


                                 Extended Stay America

401 E. Santa Clara St.

Arcadia, CA 91006

(626) 446-6422


Less with your AAA Discount




Hilton Garden Inn

199 N. Second Avenue

Arcadia, CA 91006

 (626) 574-6900


Prices have not been confirmed yet


$94.05 with AAA Discount


Courtyard by Marriott Monrovia

700 W. Huntington Drive

Monrovia, CA 91016



Contact ~ Kristina Schulz



Courtyard by Marriott Old Town Pasadena

180 North Fair Oaks Avenue

 Pasadena, California 91103


Contact: Stasia Williams



Hampton Inn

311 E. Huntington Drive

Arcadia, CA 91006

(626) 574-5600


Contact ~ Earl Diaz-Queron



Hilton Pasadena

168 S. Los Roblos Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91101

(626) 577-1000

Contact ~ Elizabeth Leavelle


Holiday Inn Express

3500 East Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 792-1363

Contact ~ Sabrina Chen


The Langham, Huntington Hotel & Spa

(Formerly the Ritz Carlton)

1401 S. Oak Knoll Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91106

(626) 568-3900


Contact ~ Jim O’ Connell Director of Sales



Residence Inn by Marriott

321 E. Huntington Drive

Arcadia CA 91006

(626) 446-6500


Contact ~ Kira Wang






Spring Hill Suites

99 N. Second Ave

Arcadia, CA 91006

Randy Rasmussen

(626) 821-5400

Arcadia High School Alumni Association


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