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The AHS Alumni Association

How do I Join the Arcadia High School Alumni Association?
You can join the Arcadia High School Alumni Association, by making an online tax deductible donation using PayPal or a credit card. Federal Tax ID #23-7438004. Once we receive your donation, you will automatically become a member of the Arcadia High School Alumni Association. Please read the detailed outline below, to find out how your tax deductible contribution will be used. 

The Arcadia High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. 

Over the years The Arcadia High School Alumni Association has provided deserving Arcadia High School graduates with generous Scholarships. Students eligible for our scholarship are those with special needs, or unusual life struggles. The Arcadia students we honor must undergo a panel interview. The panel must deem the winners most likely to become successful students and outstanding citizens.   

 √ The Alumni Association newsletter.

We are constantly developing and refining an extensive email database, that complies with Federal spam laws. As a subscriber you are assured that you will never miss out on timely news events that affect AHS Grads. No matter how busy you are you will be reminded of upcoming alumni events, as well as news and information. Your email address will never be shared with third parties.

  Maintenance and upgrades to is the largest online Alumni site of its kind. It was constructed and initiated solely through volunteer efforts, and devotes nearly 8,000 pages of Yearbook photos for AHS Alumni to view at no cost. In May of 2001 the founders who developed presented it as a gift to the Arcadia High School Alumni Association. The Association is responsible to pay monthly hosting fees and maintenance costs. These costs can be substantial, given the enormous size of the website. The Alumni Association’s position is to keep free for as long as it can afford to do so.  

The volunteers 

Your tax deductible donation does not in anyway go to our volunteers.  

The volunteers provide up to date reunion information, and help in finding a reliable Reunion planner. Reunion Liaisons are present at most reunions, making certain that everyone in attendance receives information about The Alumni Association.  

The volunteers provide updates to website content. These include the Apache Memorial, reunion plans, and important news events.    

The volunteer Arcadia High School Representatives, work to build strong relations with Arcadia High School and The Arcadia School Board. They meet with Administrators, faculty and students to best represent the needs of all parties. In return, The Arcadia High School Alumni Association can better serve its members by keeping everyone informed of AHS activities and issues at hand. 


It's easy to donate to us. Click on "Donate" icon located on the left side, or at the bottom of each page. Next you will be asked to enter your credit card information, using PayPal's secured server. You will receive an email from us within three to five business days, thanking you for your contribution. Help the Alumni Association today, and click on the donate button below!

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