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Memorial 11

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Stars in the Sky...

Perhaps they are not stars in the sky,

but rather openings where our loved ones shine down

 to let us know they are happy.



Susan Huber
Class of 65
Christopher Bade
Class of 72
Marianne Costa
Class of 72

Keate Craven
Class of 74
Richard McNulty
Class of 71
Mary Lobash
 Class of 65

Jessie Meeks
 Class of 79
 Wendy Moore
 Class of  1980
Vickie Falk
Class of 64

Steve Lewis
 Class of 65
Michael Porch
Class of 78
Jamie Berger
Class of 67

Barbara Smart
Class of 58
Dennis Buchan
Class of  65
Dave Rogers
Class of  58


A heart of gold stopped beating,

two shining eyes at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove,

He only takes the best. 


Dale Wullner
 Class of 57
David Dever
Class of 69
Dwight Jacobson
 Class of 65

Eugene Edmundson
Class of  58
Eleanor Desatoff
Class of  58
Frank Giambrone
 Class of 57

Gary Barron
Class of 57
John Northcote
 Class of 58
Susan Kueneman
Class of 75

Josephine Donofrio
 Class of 58
Karen Bunde
 Class of 
Kelly Lund
Class of  58

Lynn Cole
Class of 57
Patricia Duntley
Class of 58
Richard Sandifer
Class of 65

Richard Schaller
Class of 58
Susan North
 Class of 58
Suzanne Clarkson
 Class of 58

Tom McKibben
Class of  57
Phyllis Daniels
 Class of 58
Donald Butler
Class of 65

Ilene Robinson

Class of 58

John Hernandez
Class of 85
Kevin Evanshen
Class of 85

Lynn Heather
Class of 66
Susan Lamoreaux
 Class of 72
Sharlene Anderson
 Class of 66

Teri Hawkins
Class of  74
Holger Schroeder
 Class of
Jeff Wright
Class of 75


 Class of 66
 Apache Memorial
Christopher Olsen
 Class of 82


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