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Memorial 9

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We can't have the old days back,
When we were all together,
But secret tears and loving thoughts,
Will be with us forever.


Bruce Hobbs
 Class of  60
Mike Ebersole
 Class of 77
Joanne McLaughlin
Class of 64

Bruce Spicer
Class of 57
Leonard Franco
 Class of 72
Neva Stately
Class of  57

George Stegner
 Class of  75
Dianne Stubbs
 Class of  60
Richard Grinstead
 Class of  60

Evelyn King
 Class of  67
Faye Hamel
Class of 63
Chuck Dalton
Class of  61

James Langlois
Class of  67
Warren Coleman
 Class of 58
Scott Campbell
 Class of  74

 Softly the leaves of memory fall.
 Gently we gather, treasure them all,
Some may forget that they are gone,
We will remember no matter how long.

Darryl Young
Class of  69
Becky Armstrong
Class of  78
Denis Lanz
 Class of  68

Kenneth Kirmese
Class of  59
Kenneth Johnson
Class of  68
Andrew Yerkes
Class of  69

Joan Schowen
Class of  55
Richard Breeden
 Class of  55
Steven Weiss
Class of 80

Gary Home
 Class of 71
Ric Neumann
 Class of  72
Ronald Davidson
Class of  74

Steve Powell
Class of 78
Beverly Skafte
 Class of  69
Susan Vickery
Class of 76

Thomas Secor
Class of  69
Alan Bachelder
 Class of  85
Ronald Ramuz
Class of 64

David Wilson
Class of 70
James Knowles
 Class of 67
Lynn Reinecke
Class of 74

Stephen Burkner
Class of 76
Jack Jordan
 Class of 57
James Bryant
 Class of 57

Casey Yank
Class of 70
Leslie Taylor
Class of 70
Thomas Puckett
Class of 68

 Bill Browning
Class of 71
Paul Wagner
Class of 70
 Chris Dunning
Class of 70

Robert Smith
Class of 65
Marianne Penn
Class of 55
 Raymond Holst
Class of 58

Martha McKinley
 Class of 66
 Apache Memorial

Wendy Hillman
Class of 79

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