The White Mountain Apaches

The White Mountain Apaches, also known as WMAT are a proud and resourceful people who have a long history of overcoming adversity. We humbly share a friendship with the leader of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. We are working to build a long lasting relationship between Arcadia Alumni and WMAT.

The Arcadia Apache Memorial 

For many years the Arcadia Apache Memorial has been a place for us to mourn the loss of those we grew up with. To add a friend or a loved one, please email us or join our private Facebook group. Once verified, we will post their senior class portrait on the memorial. Our Arcadia Apache Memorial brings us closer together, by honoring those we have lost.

Reunions & Events

Although we are not involved in coordinating reunions, we are here to help you get started. Our role is to provide the latest information about upcoming reunions and events. One central location will keep everyone on the same page, to help make it easier to reach our classmates.